Social Media: What You Post Matters

At SCP, it is essential that we audit our client accounts weekly. We look for grammatical and graphics errors and we ensure that posts are scheduled for popular times, among other things. We also look at which strategies are working and which ones aren’t performing at an optimal level. Additionally, we audit potential clients’ social media pages and offer suggestions for improvement.

WHAT YOU POSTBut when was the last time you audited your personal social media profiles? That sounds kind of silly, right? I mean, it’s your personal profile. What does it matter?

Turns out, what you post matters…a lot!

When I say audit, I don’t mean to go back and proofread your posts or make sure you posted at the most popular times. Instead, you need to revisit your posts, shares, comments, etc. and make sure that what you put out into the digital world aligns with your values and how you want to be remembered.


I’m familiar with our First Amendment Right. Is free speech really free, though? You are free to voice your opinions, but you are not free from the consequences that may follow. You can’t Tweet about how much you hate your job and then be surprised when you get fired. You can’t blast out personal details on Facebook and then wonder why your life is full of “drama.”

Let’s go deeper…

Recently, my husband and I were presented with a business opportunity. We were very interested in partnering with the gentleman we spoke with, and even more interested in earning a little extra income. We were excited, determined, and sold! However, before we invested in his business, we chose to wait 3 days until we made our final decision. We (I) decided the next day that we would not be moving forward. Not now, not ever.


So, what happened?

His Facebook profile, that’s what happened! I like to make decisions after researching and planning. If we were going to part ways with some of our hard-earned money, I wanted to know what kind of person we were going to be doing business with. After browsing – I like that word better than “stalking” – his profile, I just couldn’t see myself investing money into someone whom I didn’t believe was truthful.

Think about that. This man just lost business because of what he posted on his personal (and public) social media profile. I really liked the person he was when we met and discussed his business, but I didn’t like the person he was on social media. First impressions are crucial, even in social media – and when you’re trying to sell something, you must sell yourself before you can sell your product.

Regardless of your profession, you need to ask yourself these questions:

  1. Is what I’m posting an accurate portrayal of who I am?
  2. Is what I’m posting appropriate for potential employers, business partners, customers, or clients?
  3. Does what I post align with the goals I have made for myself personally and professionally?
  4. Am I being offensive?
  5. Is what I’m posting causing me stress and instigating conflict?
  6. Am I sharing too much about my relationships?

WHAT YOU POSTI’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: What you post on social media matters. Perception is reality, especially in the social media world. You might be the world’s best employee, spouse, and parent, but what the world sees could be completely different depending on what you post.

Reality check

What you post could cost you a job! Did you know that 70% of employers now use social media to screen job candidates before hiring them? Offensive and distasteful posts are costing you sales, clients, customers, and (more importantly) relationships and your reputation. You don’t want to be “That guy who got terminated because of his racist Facebook post.” I use that example because this exact scenario unfolded at a dealership not far from where I live.

I get it. I’ve posted things I shouldn’t have. We all make mistakes. The best thing you can do (if you haven’t already) is set your social media profiles to private and hide previously public posts from public view. Better yet, make a new profile and delete the old one. Start over fresh. If you’re in sales or own your own business, make a business page that’s completely separate from your personal profile. Trust me, you can’t afford not to.



Megan Asbill is a Facebook Specialist for SCP Agency

She enjoys helping clients grow their businesses by developing and implementing social media strategies that best fit their needs. Megan specializes in automotive dealership marketing and has been in the automotive sales industry for 3 years.

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