Telling My Boss About Social Media

BLOG2Telling my boss about Social Media is no easy task. Let me start with saying it’s not easy mainly because my boss is my mother. My 76-year-old mother, who thinks that if she gets on the inter webs, people can steal her thoughts. Not kidding. She believes the Zombie Apocalypse could actually happen, she watches the Sci-Fi channel constantly and will actually report what happens on those shows like it was on the 10 o’clock news. She firmly believes that aliens are waiting for our intelligence to catch up to theirs and that is the only reason they didn’t stay longer when they come for a visit. Again, not kidding.
So, I say my mother is indirectly my boss, because since my father passed away, I have taken over running the family business, which she still owns.

With any business, having a presence online is mandatory but trying to explain that to my mother proves to be a challenge. Since she is one of the few people I know that still has a land line in her house, I have literally gotten the Yellow Pages phone book, (yes, they still make a book and deliver it to your house) and asked her to name a business, any business.

You see, back in the day, if you had a business, you advertised in the phone book under multiple headings. Let’s say you had a floral shop, the listing would be placed in as many categories as possible, for example, Flowers, Gifts, Balloons, Weddings, etc. The same advertisement could be listed in all of those locations because someone wanting to find balloons for a birthday party would not necessarily go to the florist section to find a Betty’s Floral and Gift Shop, to find balloons. All the listings in different categories were required to be in front of as many potential clients as possible. If you only had one place to advertise, you would only be catering to one part of your customer base and missing out on so many potential customers.

telling my boss about social mediaWith Social Media your business needs to be where your customers go and the trick is to catch their attention while they are online and using their smart phones. Consumers are so savvy these days, if they cannot find you easily, they will move on. They don’t have time to waste trying to find you, so you have to get in front of them as soon as possible.
Social Media is a social community and if you want your customers having a conversation about your product or services, then your information must be current and available on multiple channels. You never want your Facebook page or Twitter feed to be a “ghost town”, if there is no activity people will assume you are out of business, even if the opposite is true and maybe as a business owner you are so busy that you don’t have time to make relevant postings about your business on Social Media, you will lose potential customers because they think you are not open for business.

That brings me back to those advertisements in multiple locations in the phone book. Social Media is mandatory and your business information has to be current and found easily. If you are having trouble telling your boss about the importance of Social Media, just remind them that today’s consumers carry their “yellow pages”, aka smart phones, in the hands and you have to be listed to be found. If your business cannot be found on Social Media it’s almost like being left behind in the Zombie Apocalypse.