Social Media and Your Dealership

BLOG1If you’re like most people, when you wake up in the morning you check your smartphone before you brush your teeth. I read a report that said 80% of you do this. Before you BRUSH YOUR TEETH. Isn’t that interesting? Well if you’re in charge of marketing your car dealership, I’d certainly think it was interesting? Heck, if you’re in charge of marketing ANYTHING, you should find this interesting.

What else holds our attention better than what’s inside our smartphone?

Now that we’ve confirmed what you already knew (but didn’t want to admit), how can you use this information to capture top-of-mind public awareness about your dealership and more market share?

Before we answer that question, let’s look at some more information:

1. 84% of car buyers are on Facebook
2. 40% of new car purchases in the next 10 years will be by Millennials
3. 94% of Millennials gather information online
BLOG3Now, I know that the auto industry lives and dies by the numbers, so these should be very interesting to you. This knowledge is powerful.

Now you know this, what will you do about it?

Manufacturers have already figured out this social thing. Most of them offer you the ability to let them handle your social for you – and by looking at your current social media sites, I can see that some of you are signing up for this.

That’s good, right?

Not so much – and let me tell you why.

Your manufacturer has an agenda:

• To sell new cars
• Promote new cars
• Push their brand

So what they are offering to flood your social media with? Their all-new inventory.

Now, if this was the only profit center in your dealership, I’d say, “BRAVO!”

But is it? Or do these departments also bring in revenue?

• Pre-owned
• Service
• Parts
• Detail
• Finance
• Warranty
• Gap
• Paint/Fabric protection

I could go on, but I think I’ve made my point.

BLOG4Your social media belongs to YOU

Your dealership has a definite voice in the community, whether it comes from someone in the company who does public appearances, serves as the smiling face on your advertising, or your reputation for having the best service department in the area. Your dealership’s voice is uniquely yours – so don’t give it and your message to your manufacturer. Own it yourself!

I know, I know, social media is a beast! And who has the time to learn about it?

These questions keep you frozen in a place, so nothing gets done because you don’t know where to start.

Well, you don’t film your own TV commercials or record your radio spots – and you don’t have to do this alone, either. Some companies will train a staff member dedicated to social media to be an effective and powerful voice for your dealership. Other companies can manage and grow your social media audience and engagement for you.

This may truly be the time to outsource your social media while getting a social media manager hired and trained. Whichever direction you take, it’s imperative that you make your move sooner than later. Don’t ignore social media. It’s not a fad, I promise!

Your dealership needs a social-media strategy. Your customers will demand it, as they want to have a relationship with their car dealership. They want to engage with you. Most of all, they want to trust YOU, not your brand or your manufacturer.

They know they can trust FORD, Chevy, Toyota, Hyundai, KIA…etc.

But can they know, like and trust you?

Social media is the best way to start a relationship with your customers and keep them loyal to you and not just your manufacturer’s brand.

Please consider implementing a social media strategy this year. Don’t wait!