Sliding into DMs: The New Art of Sales in the Social Media Era

Once upon a time, in the not-so-distant past, salespeople were like gallant knights, bravely cold-calling and door-knocking their way into the hearts (and wallets) of customers. For decades this was the way of the world, but our world has been changing for years and now we can see the path clearly, (or did we clear the path)? Fast forward to today, and these knights have swapped their armor for smartphones, their steeds for social media platforms. Welcome to the realm where ‘sliding into DMs’ is the new jousting! (not in the creepy way)

The Digital Transformation: Less Handshake, More Hashtags

Gone are the days when a firm handshake and a glossy brochure were the weapons of choice in a salesperson’s arsenal. Now, it’s all about mastering hashtags, emojis, and dare I say, GIFs.

The digital transformation has turned selling into a subtle art of social media savvy.

Those who have been early adopters have seen a steady flow of business growth. Feed the machine and it will feed you!

Forget cold calls; warm up with a well-timed tweet or a charming Instagram story instead!

Take people behind the scenes and show them the real YOU, or the real workings of ___________ (insert your profession here). We all want to know how it all works, we all love bloopers, we all love a good prank.

Personalization: From ‘Dear Sir/Madam’ to ‘Hey @CoolCat’

Remember when emails started with “Dear Sir/Madam”? Social media said, “No more!” Now, it’s all about personalization.

Salespeople can tailor their messages to each customer’s interests, recent posts, or even their dog’s Instagram account. Yes, mentioning Fido in your pitch can actually score you brownie points!

Speedy Gonzales Has Nothing on Modern-Day Sales Responses

In the world of instant gratification, waiting is a sin, and patience is not just a virtue—it’s ancient history. Social media has turned salespeople into Speedy Gonzales, responding to queries with the swiftness of a well-liked tweet. Delayed responses? Customers will swipe left faster than on a bad Tinder date.

So if you are one of the Brave New World, and you decide to master social media, do not leave conversations hanging. If you were able to get your prospects to engage, keep them engaged and convert…FAST

Trust-Building: From Suit-and-Tie to Selfies-and-TikToks

Gone are the days when professionalism meant a suit and tie.

Now, it’s about being authentic, relatable, and yes, even a bit quirky.

Salespeople are building trust not through polished shoes, but through relatable content, behind-the-scenes stories, and TikTok dances. Who knew that busting a move could bust sales targets?

The Bottom Line: Salesmanship or Social Media Savvy?

So, what’s the verdict? Has social media turned sales into a circus of likes, shares, and viral content? Perhaps. But amidst the humor and clever quips, one thing is clear: the essence of sales—connecting, persuading, and building relationships—remains unchanged. Social media is just the new stage, and salespeople, the evolving performers.

We all want to “KNOW-LIKE-TRUST” or sales person, and the new way we have decided to build trusting relationships is through social connections.

Even by seeing who else they are connected to, we can determine if they are worthy of our ever-fickle trust, (please don’t look at their politics).

As we embrace this new era, let’s tip our hats (or smartphones) to the salespeople who’ve adapted, evolved, and are now sliding into our DMs with the finesse of a digital native. They are communicating where, WE, the consumer, want to communicate.

Way to listen!

Here’s to selling in the age of social media—may your likes be many, and your customer relationships be as strong as your Wi-Fi signal!

If you need help with social, the “coming soon” Social Grenade App, will kick you into high gear!

Slide into my DMs and ask me about it.

Robin Wilson


Robin Wilson is the founder of SCP Agency and EPIC BDC.

She spends her days finding new and creative ways to serve the automotive industry through social media or Business Development Center.

As an industry leader, Robin attends several high level conferences and speaks publicly annually.

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