VIRTUAL Automotive BDC

Raise your hand if you have a BDC that causes you no HR headaches, is fully trained, knows automotive, is not afraid to dial, and has better than industry standard Contact, Set and Show Rates.

We know those are hard to come by – even with the deepest of pockets.

Gain back control of your dealership and save ROI dollars with our Epic Virtual BDC.

– US Based BDR’s                                            
– Aggressive Cadence

– All Previous Automotive BDR’s & BDM’s    
– Customer Relationship Builders

– 60 Day Lead Follow-Up                                
– CRM Data Mining Campaign Creation

– Multi-CRM Expertise                                   
– Daily 12 hour + Sundays

You save your dealership overhead costs and BDC headaches with our quick start-up process.

You get peace of mind and increased LEAD ROI!

CONTACT US NOW to reserve your dealership’s Epic Virtual BDC!


EPIC Social Selling Course

This course is designed for automotive sales professionals who are ready to embrace social media marketing for their career. 

Learn how to do the following: 
– Create engaging content 
– Host a contest on your business page 
– Schedule your posts to save time 
– Map out a strategy that will turn page visitors into         appointments

And much more…


Social Media Marketing

This gig starts with determining the strategy that will work best for your business and then aligning the strategy with your goals. From there the group gets busy curating content that will engage your followers. We want to see their hands in the air, we want to hear them sing along with the band. In short, we want to become part of the conversation they are having online.

Reputation Management

Your name in lights. You work hard to deliver great performances every time, but sometimes it just doesn’t go as scripted, sometimes things go wrong. Does that make you a bad dealership? No, but left unattended and unanswered, these less than 5 star reviews can kill your show. SCP Agency to the rescue, we answer as your dealership and do our best to turn these reviews around. We will work hard to help turn these into raving fans again.

Email Marketing

This is a MASH-UP like no other. Not just email, but the entire strategy concept comes alive here.

Opening act: Killer database mining

Pre-Event: Stunning email campaigns, created to make their eyes dance and to make the reader powerless to ignore, a click through will be happening!

Main Event: Facebook ad campaigns that gets the message right into their hands, literally, served up in their devices, just like their favorite band.

Check out our DD23 class on this here.

Graphic Design

Whether your business needs a new logo or a total rebrand, we have you covered. Our design team is creative as HELL and making your brand come alive onstage is what they crave! Brochures, business cards, you name it, we can create it. Start a band and we will create your album cover!

Web Design

Do people know what you are about? Do they know what you have to offer? No?

We can help with that, we will listen to you and what you want your groupies to know and how you want them to devour your site. We will then get off our tails and begin crafting your vision.

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