Reaching Your Customers Where They Are

Social media marketing is more important now than ever before. From the ability to target and retarget your ideal customers to an increase in website traffic, COVID-19 doesn’t stand a chance against the world of social media. Social media has proven to be cost the most effective, engaging, and most likely to enhance customer loyalty. When the world stopped spinning back in March your customers turned to social media in hopes to find just a sliver of normalcy. While the rest of the world was shutting down, social media was standing tall. Just in 2020 alone we saw nearly a 9.2% increase in social media usage worldwide, over 70% of the population. Your customers are social, why aren’t you?

Maybe you are on social media, but are you using it correctly?

Sticking to your brand Did you know that 95% of adults are likely to follow a brand on social media? Consistent messaging gives you more credibility with your consumers and in turn creates loyal customers.

Engagement That’s right, you don’t JUST have to stick to selling your product in order to gain business. Engagement draws customers to your page, grows your following, and allows you to build rapport with your audience.

Reviews/Reputation management: “But what if we get a negative review?!” It’s easy to turn reviews off, but I can assure you the way you handle a bad review says much more about your business than the review itself. Also, a good review goes farther than a negative. Word of mouth is gold and social media is truly the best place for it. 9 out of 10 consumers say they trust online reviews just as much as personal recommendations from real people. According to 56% of consumers go to social media to read reviews before purchasing.

 Getting Leads: According to Hubspot social media has 100% higher lead to close rate than outbound marketing. 66% of businesses that market on social media at least 6 hours a week say they have seen an increase in leads. That might seem time consuming to most business owners, but can help with that.

Let’s now break it down into platforms.
Which platform is best for YOUR business?

Linkedin: 240 million people use this platform. Linkedin is business oriented, corporate brand participation, used to network and connect, 79% of users are 35 and older. Linkedin is great for business to business marketing.

Instagram: 150 million active users. Social selling using photos or 15 second videos. Brand participation using hashtags and photos relating to consumers.

Twitter: Twitter generates approximately 5700 tweets per second, averaging about 560 million users. Twitter is great for microblogging and is geared more to the younger population.

Facebook: 1 billion users worldwide. Facebook creates the most non invasive opportunities for communication with consumers, and puts out roughly 2.5 billion articles of content a day.

Now it’s time for some tips from the experts at Social Climber Pro, LLC

Kyla Allmon, Marketing Director, says “⅔ adults are Facebook users. The more exposure on social media the more influence you will have on your potential customers’ purchase.”

Robin Wilson, CEO, says “Always utilize hashtags. Themed hashtags help pull into feeds. You want to be in your customers feeds to gain a following.”

Amy Ross, Graphic Design Team Lead, says “Many consumers use Facebook as a search engine, if your business isn’t present and active, you likely won’t be considered. Social media creates an opportunity for businesses to effectively communicate with customers, utilize it.”

 Beverly Boatright, CFO, says to “Allow customers to post reviews to your page and respond to all of them, even the negative ones. A bad review handled in a positive manner will outweigh a negative review left ignored every day of the week.”

Christine Watson, Business Development Director, says to “Feed the algorithm beast. Go live at least three times a week”

Now, you have seen my personal input as well as what the experts have to say, there is no reason to NOT utilize social media, now more than ever. Social media platforms may come and go but I can guarantee that social media itself will be around for centuries to come. Compared to the time consuming process of TV and radio advertising, social media marketing is a more economical and faster way to promote your business as well as gives you the ability to pivot your marketing strategies at the drop of a hat. Your customers are on social media, you need to be, too.

Author: Jessica Burkhart

Jessica is the Elite Response Team Lead at SCP Agency and prides herself on being a leader in her industry and her ability to coach others up to be the same. She recruits leaders that want to, not only be successful themselves, but want to do their part in making businesses across the country successful as well.

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