Opportunities: Your Window to Success

Talent or Opportunity?

OPPORTUNITIESSure, it takes talent to succeed. But a successful person also recognizes that opportunities are their true paths to success.

I was recently listening to Outliers, an audiobook by Malcom Gladwell. The book profiles several successful people and the hours of practice they needed to become experts at what they do or become successful. But another theme ran through the book – it was that the opportunities that they capitalized on had launched their success.

Of course, preparation played a major part in their success. But we all know people who are super-prepared, magnificently talented, but who miss many opportunities to be at the top of their field. Why? What held them back from what they’d trained for?



Opportunities can be frightening, and overwhelming, and don’t always come along at the best time. But the people who leaped at the opportunities afforded them never regretted it.

Sometimes a series of opportunities takes people to the soaring heights of success. Sometimes, one fateful offer or meeting can change the trajectory of your life.

But rest assured, you’ll regret missed opportunities for a long time. Fate does not normally make a second trip to offer you another chance. Here’s the strange thing – the universe needs the talent you’ve honed and will present opportunities for you to excel in your field because of the need for it in the world. If you don’t take advantage of the opportunity extended to you, someone else will step up and accept the offer – and it will be them who changes history, writes the next great novel, or discovers an algorithm that transforms the global financial industry.

The World Needs It!

OPPORTUNITIESWhatever your talent is, the world needs it. You were not given a talent simply for your own enjoyment. You’re meant to use it for the betterment of mankind. Opportunities are presented to those who have spent the time and resources to become the best at what they do – so don’t be afraid to walk through the door of the house you built.

I would hate to think that a lesser-prepared person would jump at the same opportunity that you’d prepared so long for.

OpportunitiesI have said yes to many opportunities that I was NOT prepared for. But you can be sure that I got up to speed quickly and delivered what was expected of me. But just think if I’d said, “No, I’m not quite comfortable with that. Please choose another person.” HOLY COW! No way!


Don’t Miss Out

These chances don’t come along twice. They just don’t. So grab them by the horns and be what the world needs you to be: excellent!

Here is a great link that shows you how opportunities – not just talent – helped Bill Gates become the world’s most famous computer mogul:



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