iPhone Lighting Hacks

In the social media world, there are ways to make yourself stand out. Still, it’s easy to get lost in the crowd. I want you to win at the social media game. These iPhone lighting hacks will help you do just that.


The Right Lighting


The wrong lighting can make you look older, and no one wants that! So if you can set yourself up close to natural light – like the light coming through a window – you’ll get softer lighting. Don’t use direct light from a bulb or the sun. It can be too harsh and cast ugly shadows. Indirect natural light is the best.




I also use a Bluetooth remote shutter release. This frees you up from the phone’s built-in timer and allows you to easily take lots of shots you can choose from. This Xenvo Shutterbug is good, but even cheapies like these zttopo wireless remotes work like a charm and come in a two-pack.




That awkward feeling when you’re in public and trying to take “candid” shots is all but removed when you have a good tripod like this one and a remote shutter release.


Most of the time, people don’t even know I’m taking pictures of myself, so I can take more and pick the best shots instead of settling for whatever I can get before I get too embarrassed or feel vain.

But this article is about good lighting, not just taking pics, so let’s look at other good iphone lighting options.


Ring lights? Even for Iphones?


If a ring light is in your future, consider investing in a high-quality big one that and comes with its own tripod, like this one from Neewer. I have this EXACT model and love it. It comes with all the attachments I need, even a warming filter attachment. It’s dimmable, so you can tone it down if you just need a touch of light, or pump up the volume by dialing up the light intensity. It comes with a travel case, which I love. And – BONUS! – it includes a remote shutter for your phone. You’ll want this one if you have extra room for a full-sized tripod, but if you don’t, I have the answer for you.




This ring light is a smaller, desk-sized version. If room is tight but you still need proper lighting, this one is perfect. It’s 10.2 inches in diameter and comes with a desktop tripod and a cellphone holder. There are several variations of this product, but I like the eBZseed Desktop Selfi Light. It has adjustable brightness and comes with a couple of different filters that allow you to show your face in the best light. It, too, includes a camera remote.




When Portability is a Must

But what if you need something completely portable? Here are a couple of options.

The first is a rechargeable clip-on ring light with a couple of filter options. This ring light is a favorite of mine because of its recharging option. I’ve owned battery-operated units before.

The “on” button kept getting accidentally pushed in, my batteries would drain, and I’d be stuck with no light. In contrast, you can set this rechargeable ring-light on the charger for a few minutes and it’ll be ready to make you look awesome. The built-in filtered light effect makes a big difference.

My last ring-light offering is a mini version that has some cool options, such as a flexible 24-inch-long arm that holds your phone and allows you to point your lighting right where you want it. It also has adjustable filters that make you look gorgeous! This ring-light doesn’t come with a remote shutter, so make sure to grab one if you don’t want to mess with the timer on your phone camera.



Check Out More Tips

Drop me a note and let me know about your iphone lighting hacks! Feel free to catch the video version of this post here on my YouTube channel. And if you would like to learn more about How to Frugally Bring Your “A” Game you can do so on our blog!



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