I’m not where I’m “supposed” to be

Nobody knows the automotive industry like old the “car dogs”, right? Think again. In light of the growing numbers of women and millennials working in the automotive industry, dealerships will likely be seeing a lot of their older male counterparts replaced with people from these groups. This includes, but is definitely not limited to, service advisors and technicians, salespeople, sales managers, general managers, and even marketing experts.

When I’m not placing hundreds of thousands of dollars in Facebook ads for retainer clients under SCP Agency’s roof, I spend my day serving as the Team Lead for Epic Sales Events, which is SCP Agency’s sister company. Epic Sales Events creates and hosts Facebook sales events for dealerships. While this is not a new concept, it is a popular one. However, here’s a fun fact: 99% of my competition is composed of 45+ year old males. I have yet to meet a younger, millennial-aged man organizing these sales events – and no other woman, of any age!

Of course, these men are CRAZY successful. There isn’t a single negative thing to be said about their sales. They move metal. Just like us.

When your dealership is interested in running a Social Media Sales Event, who would you rather have behind the “Facebook wheel”?

  • Person A – who has been in the car business for 20-30 years, who not long ago was advertising on TV and radio, who recently started using Facebook and its features, and was more than likely taught by a millennial how to do a lot of what they do now.
  • Person B – who was raised with a cellphone in their hand, was a social media pro before they even drove a car or started dating and has been placing Facebook ads for the better part of a decade.

These older car guys are definitely experts in their fields. But, ahem, so am I. When they were getting started in the automotive industry, I was probably still in diapers. But while they were advertising on TV and radio, I was placing Facebook ads, generating leads, and getting dealerships up to 800% ROI.

We millennials are ahead of the social media curve. We created social media.

Did you know that according to drivetribe.com, women influence 80% of car-buying decisions? I do, which is why our targeting is meant to capture the attention of both women and men. We use images that resonate with moms just as much as they do with single men, and with retirees as much as they do with people under 25.


At the end of the day, our sales events offer the same product, the same results, and at the same price. However, 70-80% of the time, Person A’s event will be selected because of the fact that the middle-aged male buyer can’t imagine that a 25-year-old Person B (also known as me) can’t possibly know what she’s doing.

Think again, and get ahead of the curve. Go for Person B. Jump on the female millennial-run Facebook events train and see what you’re missing!

Author: Shasta Haddock

Shasta’s the name and bossin’ is my game. I have been a part of SCP Agency since the stone ages, or so at least it seems. I decided to come on full time back in 2015, transferring from the world of automotive and a full-time position in a local KIA dealership. My duties include creating reports for our clients, overseeing projects for our team, managing events, creating and maintaining Facebook and Instagram ads, and so much more.

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