The Number One Rule that Every Entrepreneur Should Live By: The “If I Die” Rule

Let me explain the idea behind the “If I Die” rule, because it is sound advice. IF I DIE

As our company has grown and we’ve brought on more people to work with us, everyone’s job responsibilities have changed constantly. We need to be organized – very organized. As in, we need systems in place such that if someone has to step in tomorrow, they can figure out where the other person has left off, tend to what needs to be done, and view notes on the current and future months of operations.

So the “If I Die” rule became a thing that we say and an idea we live by. I know it sounds harsh, but it’s only meant as a concept – so all you people about to get offended, just stop! It’s just a phrase, and no social media marketers were harmed or suffered death for this blog. Sometimes life happens. One of oIF I DIEur marketers might be unable to fulfill their job responsibilities and leave us scrambling to make sure we’ve taken care of our clients. As a result, in our business, every team member must be organized and up to speed on the progress of each project, so we can ensure that our clients will always be taken care of. If one of our employees decides to leave, cannot do the job anymore, or dies, another team member can pick up right where the dear departed left off.

There, I said it.

One app we use to create this militant type of organization is Trello. We simply love this tool. Trello letsIF I DIE you organize tasks in a way that makes sense, and its layers of organization run very deep. We start by making a board for each project, and then create cards for each client within that particular project or level of service. We can set timers, checklists, share information and communicate with each member on the card, and all the data is stored in the cloud, so each member can check and recheck and make sure everything is done in a timely manner. It is simply fantastic. We require that every team member learn to use this tool for all of our projects and clients, so that in the unlikely event of something happening to one of our team members, another member can step in and finish the project.

To focus on the automotive industry, every dealership uses a different set of tools for data mining, CRM, and retention and reviews. This often creates a challenge for team members to stay organized and understand the different tools unique to each dealership. Without software like Trello and Slack – IF I DIEwhich we use to instant message everyone on our team – it would be difficult to stay on top of the information that’s useful and urgent for our clients.

As a creator of your company, it is essential that you know and understand every detail of your operation so you can step in and always be prepared. By applying the “If I Die” rule, your company will continue to run smoothly, regardless of what happens.




BEVERLY BOATRIGHTBeverly Boatright is the co-owner of SCP Agency.

SCP Agency has been instrumental in developing social strategies and powerful email campaigns. Beverly has a diverse background as a small business owner as well as taking over the golf course that her father started. She knows firsthand the struggles that business owners face daily and she implements social campaigns targeted at reducing that pain point for the owners and staff of small business as well as auto dealerships.

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