Facebook Scheduling Tips and Tricks


FACEBOOKSo, you’ve created a Facebook page to advertise your product or service. Now you’re thinking, “I need to post more on my page, but I always forget to do it.”  

No worries! Facebook has a scheduling tool to help you out! Here are the basics: 

Who can schedule posts? 

If you have a Business Page, YOU can do this! The tool easy to use.  


FACEBOOKWhat is good content? 

While knowing that this tool exists can be very exciting, your next thought may be, “What is considered good content’?” Regardless of how much time we spend on Facebook, we can get bored and we do tend to gravitate to the most interesting pages. And yours should be one of the best!  

At SCP, we’re always researching our clients’ products and services to provide them with the best possible content. We also look for content that’s not directly related to the business, but still represents the company in a favorable light. And you can generate awesome content, too! 

Here are a few examples of content your readers will appreciate: 

  1. Show off your product or service! This is your top priority, so schedule at least five posts a week that showcase what you sell. Be sure to include graphics. 
  2. Show your humorous side by scheduling light-hearted, funny quotes and memes once or twice a week. Use graphics you find on Pinterest, the web or even Facebook.
  3. Does your product or service appeal predominantly to males or females? Look for content that appeals to them. If your product or service is gender-neutral, keep your content gender-neutral, too.   
  4. How old are your customers and clients? Facebook actually breaks it down for you in the “Insights” tab on your Business Page. Do some research, and talk the talk they can understand. Be professional, but not too stuffy. Remember, you want to be approachable! 
  5. Are there any exciting activities going on in your city, state or region? Post a link to an upcoming festival, community event, sports event or that one cool movie everyone’s been waiting for. Repeat this a couple of times a month until the event date. 
  6. Is there a holiday coming up? Wish your clients and customers a “Happy [holiday]…”  Be positive, and look for a quote to go with it.   
  7. Create a contest and give something away. What better way to get your product or service to your customer than to give away something that draws them to you? I’m talking teaser items here, people. Not profit-eaters. 
  8. Are you involved in your community or a charitable organization? What about a business group you’re a member of? Schedule a few posts that include links to their pages, or provide some details about how they support the community. 


Where do I find this Facebook Tool? 

Select the Publishing Tools tab at the top of your business page, click on Create, and enter the content you want your customers and clients to see. You can upload a photo, insert a link, or tag another page. Then click the drop-down arrow next to the Publish tab, select Schedule, and choose the date and time you want your content to appear.  


When will I have time for this? 

If you can set aside an hour a month, you’ll have time to schedule posts to your business page.  It takes some time to come up with decent content in the first couple of months, but once you set your general calendar, you’ll make only a few adjustments each month. Then you’re good to go. 



Why should I schedule posts? 

Your goal is to attract followers, and get them to engage with YOU through reviews and comments – and ultimately, by buying from you. What better way than to create content-filled Facebook posts that show you’re approachable and relatable? 


How do I organize my content? 

Does that seem like a lot to think about? A simple blank monthly calendar template can be your best friend when you’re choosing content. Write notes about your content in the blank squares, so you can fill the dates up as you get your creative juices flowing. Fill in what’s left last. 



Sounds great, but I need help! 

So you have a Facebook business page and know that you need to generate content to see the value in social media marketing. But your calendar is full. You’re always busy creating your product, serving clients and tending to other business responsibilities. This is where Social Climber Pro comes in! We’re experts at creating Facebook content, and we love to find great content for your company.  


What we do 

To sum it up, WE PARTNER WITH YOU. This is a crucial part of our service. We are accessible. We are face-to-face. We are a phone call, text or email away. We are personal and professional. You are passionate about your product or service, and we are, too. We can translate your passion into the answers your current and potential clients are asking. 

We love socialmedia marketing, and were dedicated to helping you succeed! 


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