Do You Want My Advice?

Do you want my advice 1Don’t you love hearing those words? Probably not.

In business, everyone has an opinion and therefore, advice. People who have never been in business know exactly how you should do it, what you are doing wrong and how to make more money.

The best piece of advice that I ever received in business was at a time when I was at capacity. My current team was capped (or so they said) and I had prospects wanting to hire us, but I felt that we could not handle it, that we needed additional help to be trained and ready for the influx of business. Then a seasoned business veteran said take on the clients now, figure out the rest later, your team can always handle more, but they are employees and they don’t want to. If you overload them and then hire someone, they will make sure the training is fast and thorough so they can offload the work. He was right, it was like making a mess and asking everyone to help clean it up. But if your employees were willing to truly work at capacity at all times, they would be entrepreneurs already. They would have the tenacity to start their own businesses. So never rely on the team to dictate the flow of your business. Build it and they will come is silly, get the customers on board and then clean up the mess and build faster.

It seemed illogical and unprofessional, but it worked! Now, it may not work for all businesses, but it worked for mine.

The best personal advice that I ever received, that is a bit harder to weed through. When my 20-year-old son died in a motorcycle accident, my best friend, who had lost her husband in a similar accident a few years’ earlier, told me that crying in the shower was the very best time to cry. You see, we both had others looking to us to know how to survive this and breaking down in front of them was more than they could bear, but my heart was crushed and I needed relief, I needed to grieve, to breathe, to cry. But in the shower, I was alone, it was safe, no one could see me, hear me, try to comfort me (which was useless), I could just cry and be angry and hurt, sad, alone…When I emerged, I was clean, strong and ready to lead my family again, walk them through their own level of hell, get them through this whole.

Do you want my advice 2Now let’s talk about the worst.

Hmm, well that is a bit more difficult, I have received some horrible advice over the years. Like the time someone advised me to let my ex-husband raise the boys for a while, as I deserve a break. What??? You don’t get parenting breaks! You signed up for the lifetime commitment of creating interesting, talented, kind, respectful adults. Ask me how many years this bit of advice given to a 25-year-old girl cost her? Too many!

Or the advice to give up on your dreams because they are just foolishness, pick a husband, settle down and work a job for the next 50 years. Ask me why I am 52 and just now realizing how to tap into my passion and live the life that is true to me. Dreams are powerful when combined with actions that lead in the direction of the goal. Never take advice from dream thieves. They have no dreams or goals so they are determined to crush and steal yours.

My top 10 pieces of business advice:

1.Love what you do, your business is an extension of you.

2.Like the people you hire, you will spend a great deal of time with them, it is better if you like them.

3.Get home for dinner, your family and loved ones should always remain a priority.

4.Learn something new every day.

5.Teach something new every day.

6.Invest in technology only if it will make your business more efficient or more profitable.

7.Stay off of Facebook during business hours, this is a time suck that you cannot afford. If you are marketing on Facebook, either hire that out or set a specific time when you will work on this task and then get the work done and scheduled and get out! Hurry, before you are an hour older.

8.Take time to plan your day, the important things that need to be accomplished should be listed and scheduled every day to ensure they get done. Write them down!

9.Track what you do all day, so you will know what you completed, this helps to curb reactiveness.

10.If you do not love your business, make it profitable and sell it. But if you don’t love it and can’t make it profitable, close it and chase your passion.

Do you want my advice 3My top 10 pieces of personal advice:

1.Live your life on your terms, you are not getting out alive, this is your ride, enjoy it!

2.Find and nurture a few really good friendships, you will need someone to talk to.

3.Be a good friend, no matter what kind of friends you have, be the kind of friend you would want to have.

4.Cry in the shower.

5.Laugh in public.

6.Call your mom.

7.Write thank you notes when someone does something nice for you, this is not old fashioned, it is what you should do.

8.Always ask someone if they have time to talk when you call them, never assume they aren’t busy.

9.Exercise, please. You only have one body; it will last longer if you just take a little care of it. The days that you are trading away are at the end when you won’t want to give up a single one.

10.Love. Another human, a dog, a child, just love. There is my 2 cents worth, take it or leave it, it is your choice.

There is my 2 cents worth, take it or leave it, it is your choice.

Do you want my advice 5