Should Your Dealership Go Live? Facebook Live!

BLOG1What if…
What if you could make a commercial anytime that you wanted?
What if your customers could watch live as you unloaded the Brand New 2017 — (fill in the blank)?

Live video or live streaming is HOT!!!!!

So, a little history here (don’t panic, this only goes back about a year), in 2015 at SXSW, an awesome app that would allow live streaming to happen from your smartphone was rolled out, it was called Meerkat. EVERYONE was going bananas over this! You just pull out your phone, tap on an app and immediately you are broadcasting to the world (or whoever would happen to catch your feed), whatever message or event you wanted to broadcast, you were live.

At the same time Meerkat was being developed, another app was in the making that did exactly the same thing, it was called Periscope, but Meerkat launched first and seemed to have a huge head start on gaining users and followers, until…

Before Periscope launched, an offer was made by Twitter to acquire the app and link it to Twitter, so now when you went live it would also broadcast on Twitter. Very soon Periscope was overshadowing Meerkat and users were flocking to do a “scope” and to watch as many “scopes” as they could consume.

Now, at this point in the story you are asking yourself “why do I care about this”, let me tell you why, because Facebook rarely gets let in the dust, if ever. So last year Facebook rolled out their own version of livestreaming video, Facebook Live, however, it was not available to the public or to Pages, only to celebrities and public figures. Now the initial numbers were crazy, pop on a Facebook Live and have 100,000 people watching almost instantly, not to mention the replay, which lives in your video feed forever. In contrast, Periscopes can only be seen for up to 24 hours after the original broadcast, then they disappear.

BLOG3OK, OK, enough history, let’s fast forward to this spring, Facebook rolls out Facebook Live to everyone!!!! Why is this important to your dealership? Really?
OK, I will tell you. If you have been managing your social media correctly for the last couple of years, then you have built a nice fan base, you have kept them engaged with your page and they feel like they know you. Now you are going to take that relationship even further, you are going to go live and it is going to be consumable content. They are going to feel like you have let them in on behind the scenes stuff that goes on at your dealership.

So imagine this, a dad brings his daughter in to purchase her first vehicle, as they finish in finance and you get their approval, you get to live broadcast the moment when dad hands her the keys and she drives off in her new car. All of your Facebook fans feel like they were there for her first car, right with her! Now the magic happens, are you ready? Her dad shares that video. Her mom shares that video. She shares that video. Now 1500 people watched her get her first car. Powerful? You bet it is!

Two days later, a big truck pulls on the lot with a load of brand new 2017 Chevy Trucks (Insert your brand here), well heck, let’s take a live walk outside and see what is getting delivered, let’s talk about them for a few minutes, count how many there are on that truck, ask the people watching what color they want. OH WAIT!!! I forgot to tell you the best part, the people watching can actually engage with you while you are live and you can answer their questions in real time. CAN TV DO THAT? Uh no.

BLOG4How about the next big mailer sale that you have, would there be some good opportunities to make that bigger than ever before? YES! Just by popping on live once a day and giving them an update of what is going on, you can engage with your fan base and keep the excitement alive, sell more cars, make more friends and keep engaged with your online community.

Do you interact with community events? Support specific charities? You can be livestreaming these events too and let the public know who you are, what you stand for and who you support.

People want to know, like and trust you and Facebook Live can help you tell the story of your dealership…LIVE

How about a live tutorial on how to change your own wiper blades? Or a weekly service tip from the actual technicians? There is so much that can be done with this tool and I haven’t even told you the best part, IT IS FREE!

Yes, for real, there is no charge to use this feature. In a world that has its hand out constantly, this tool is free.

Please figure out a way to use this in your dealership, before the guy down the road figures it out and beats you to it. I would so much rather you look like the innovative one, the trailblazer and they can look like the copycat, Johnny Come Lately.

If you would like more tips on how live video can help your dealership schedule some time with me and let’s chat about it!