How to blog about your dealership – in 6 easy steps

6 Dealership Blog Hacks


I realize that you may not even know why a dealership blog is important, so first I’ll explain how a blog can drive traffic to your website and ultimately result in sales.

Blogging for SEO

So you see, even posting an 800- to 1000-word blog per week on your website can be super- powerful and result in more revenue across all departments in your dealership.

But who has time to write a blog? Especially a dealership blog?

Well, I’ve discovered 6 simple steps to get you writing – and maybe even get help from other departments.

Step 1: Create a blogging schedule.

It looks like this:

  • Determine what you will blog about each week
  • Choose what day you will post your blogs
  • Pick what day you will dedicate to writing for 30 minutes
  • Decide who will edit your blogs.

Now, get your calendar and schedule all this in. Write it in ink, not pencil, as this is an appointment just like any other and should be kept. Schedule all the events listed above, then set reminders on the days that these tasks are to be completed.

Mine looks like this

dealership blog schedule







Step 2: Research

dealership blog researchThere’s no need to reinvent the wheel. If there’s a subject that you want to write about, go and see what else has been written about it. This will serve two purposes: it will stimulate your thinking on the subject, and it will give you reference material for backlinks.

Backlinking article

Step 3: Begin writing

Find a quiet place, and turn off all distractions for 30 minutes. Then write. Refer to your reference materials as needed, but do not even attempt to critique yourself. Just write! Get everything that you need to say about the topic on paper (or screen), then walk away. Do not reread it. Move on to your next daily task.

Step 4: Select images

Most dealership blogs will include images to help the reader flow through the post. (I know, I know … you thought you only had to write the post, and now you have to come up with images?)

Well, don’t stress, because I’m going to give you my super-secret weapon for this. Right now, you need to think about what images came to mind when you were writing your blog post. If it’s a blog about technicians and technology, maybe you thought of the computers used for service diagnostics, or technicians using certain tools. Whatever came to your mind, jot it down. This will be helpful when outsourcing your graphics. You might even browse the internet for images to help your graphics person get an idea of what you’re looking for. Warning: don’t use just any image you find online, as they could have copyright protection you’re unaware of. Just because it’s online doesn’t mean you can use it.

write your dealership blogStep 5: Outsource

Outsourcing is how you’ll get tons done and look like a professional at the same time. My super-secret weapon is This site is full of freelancers who will do any job for $5. Yes, you read that right: $5!

This is what it looks like for me.

I write my blog.

Anywhere I want a link to the reference material I’m quoting, I insert a << reference link1 >>.

Then I find my editor on Fiverr and contract them to edit my blog. I give them specific instructions on my reference material and add links to the instructions. I upload my Word doc, and in 3 days my blog comes back with all the edits intact.

The same day I send my blog to the editor, I also send it to a graphic designer for images. You will usually want 5 images – a header and 4 smaller images – to keep them flowing through the article. The sizes you will need are:

Header – 700X400

Post Images: 600X600

Ask the designer to read the blog and tell her what you were thinking. You can even send her some of the images you found, as long as you tell her that she is not to use them, as they are just for reference. If you’re big on your company’s brand, please tell her what colors to use and any logos that she’ll need to complete the order.

Once you have a designer and editor lined up, this process becomes super-fast. But the first couple of times it may require a little back-and-forth with Q&A to get the communication correct.

Now wait about 3 days and check your Fiverr account. Your edited blog and your images should be complete. Reread your blog to make sure it’s worded correctly for you. Check your images too. If everything is OK, then you’re ready to post!

Example of my scheduleStep 6: Post your blog, and promote it


You already determined which day of the week you’d post your dealership blog, but there are a couple of variables here. If your website has free or included support, then just email it to support and ask them to post it for you. You can send the Word document as well as the images. Be very specific as to which day you would like it to be posted. If you don’t have access to this type of support but there is a person at the dealership who maintains the website on dealership’s behalf, this will become their weekly task. In this case, just send the blog and images to your person weekly.


Now your dealership blog is posted, what happens next?

Well, you need to let people know it’s there and what it is about. If you’re on LinkedIn, post a link to it there. If your dealership uses social media, post it there. Lastly, send it in an email to your customers.


Now that you have a system, repeat this process every week. Before you know it, you’ll see more traffic to your site – for a weekly cost of only $10!

See an example of one of my blogs here, Face to Face