Completely Change Your Life With Your Words

“I am…”


The words you add to complete this sentence determine your beliefs. If you’re used to saying, “I am fat”, this is what you will be. If you say, “I am stupid”, you’ll never believe you can learn.


But how about “I am healthy”, “I am successful”, “I am kind”? The sentences begin with the same two words but end with words of affirmation instead of limitation.


Believe it or not, WORDS CAN CHANGE OUR LIVES.




Just like a good parent will never say these things to their children, you shouldn’t say them to yourself.


You’d never tell your child, “You’re fat”, “You’re stupid”, or “You’re worthless”. Yet, in your mind, you apply these judgements to yourself all the time. Sometimes you might even speak them out loud.


Why would you ever declare yourself to be anything but amazing, strong, intelligent, wonderful, powerful, fierce, giving, healthy, beautiful, and in possession of many other qualities that build you up and actually change your life?


Words are powerful.


The world and the universes were created with words. My children were built on the words they heard. They believed that these words accurately described them.


In an article about growing future leaders, I wrote about the trainings and books that I make sure my team takes and reads. But the words I speak to them and the words they speak about themselves will ultimately determine their future. I listen for the words of affirmation they speak. It gives me insight into their potential and the “head junk” they may be dealing with.




Listen for self-deprecating language, but also pay attention to how they speak to people around them. This will help you guide and direct them to change not only their life, but their teammates’ lives too, in just a few words.


I didn’t grow up in a household where words were used positively. I don’t remember my parents telling me I was anything in particular. I have no memory of anyone telling me I was smart or talented or good. Nor do I recall them speaking negatively to me. My sense of self-worth seems to have come from some weird inner knack for self-encouragement.


I learned early on to read and put good stuff in my head. Since then, I’ve become addicted to knowledge and how to affect change in myself and those around me. I realize my words can be sharp, so I do my best to be in a teaching mindset whenever I speak to my team. For me, a place of teaching allows my mind to affirm what they can do and learn, ignore their shortcomings, and focus on areas where they can shine.


Several people who work for me have never known how to set goals for themselves. This tells me a lot about their upbringing – not that it was bad, but that it wasn’t future-focused. Their parents never conveyed to them the idea that anything is possible for any human walking the earth. That their words were powerful. Words can connect people and push them away. But the words you speak to yourself when no one else is listening are the most powerful ones, because they reflect your beliefs.


If you don’t think you’ll ever be successful or happy, thin or wealthy, you never will be. But you turn everything around just by starting to repeat great affirmations. If you want to say them in the mirror, go ahead. When you’re driving down the road all alone? Do it.




Try using these affirmations for the next 30 days:


  • I am full of energy and vitality
  • I am worthy of all things wonderful
  • I constantly attract opportunities to create more money
  • I am living in unlimited abundance
  • I am a leader and use my influence to be a light in the world
  • I am worthy of my dreams
  • I am proud of my decisions
  • I am grateful for another day to make a positive contribution
  • I am open and receptive to all the wealth life offers me
  • I am enough and have everything I need to get where I want to be
  • I am ready to accept and receive miracles beyond what I have ever experienced


Anytime you start a sentence with “I am”, you are creating what you are and what you want to be. So, when I say that you can completely change your life with words, please know that I absolutely believe this. I have experienced it, and there is science to back this up.


In this article, Healthline suggests that you start with 3-5 minutes of affirmations at least twice daily, during which you repeat the affirmations 10 times. To get the greatest benefits, make it a regular habit. The article says that practicing affirmations can activate the reward system in your brain and impact the way you experience both emotional and physical pain. Isn’t that interesting?


This article from The Best Brain Possible explores the neuroscience that explains how affirmations help with mental health. Its list of the positive effects of affirmations is nearly endless, but here are a few of them. Speaking affirmations


  • Decreases health-deteriorating stress
  • Helps increase physical activity levels
  • Increases feelings of hopefulness
  • Leads to better performance at work
  • Boosts your productivity
  • Help you quit bad habits.


When affirmations are added to visualizations, the world is yours. You have the power to influence your physical and mental states, but also to create a new you. This post on Medium said: “This is the magic of Affirmations: affirmations engage this cognitive bias in your favor. When you do affirmations, you are teaching your brain a new way to think about the world. This changes what your brain processes on your behalf, leading you to see different things and have different thoughts, until the landscape changes so much that you get what it is you affirmed. The best affirmations are specific because it gives your brain a very clear set of guidelines on what to process for you.”




How cool is that? Now can you see how valuable words are to you and how they can change your life?

I also created a video about this same topic, watch it here:


Let’s get started today. Drop me an email at with AFFIRMATIONS in the subject line. I’ll send you a beautiful card with some affirmations for you to take with you daily and read. I want to help you start changing your life with your words.



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