About Us

Who We Are

We are a group of passionate social media ROCK STARS. We dig deep into each platform and discover what is trending, current and relevant. We find the magic place where our best content meets your ideal customer.

About Our Work

What We Do

Our team is dedicated to driving social ROI. “What does that mean?” I can hear you asking that question now.

So, here’s the deal, your customers are on social media, more than 14 times per day. Are you? Most dealerships are not, or if they are, their position is so weak they just shouldn’t be.

We work with you to develop the strategy that will put trackable sales in your dealership. From Facebook ad campaigns that will drive conquest customers directly to you, to database mining to keep your current customers singing your praises, we know where to find them and what message to deliver to them.

If you have a business development center, we are the perfect addition to your team.

We are the best backup singers a band could hope for, because we take what you are already doing and enhance it, deliver your followers where they are and then create a tribe of people willing to buy the t-shirt.

Meet the Band

Individually we are talented, but together we are the best mixture of creative and marketing driven, band mates around. Platform specialists with a string of greatest hits, we really know our stuff.

Robin Wilson

Co-Founder/Social Media Know-It-All/Automotive Rockstar

Sassy is a word I like to use to describe myself, but really words like driven, focused, and direct are closer to the flavor of cupcake that I am.

I started this business in a time when no one knew this was a business. “Like, do people really pay you to do that?” Pfffttt, of course they do! They don’t want to learn this crap, it changes faster than Cher changes costumes between sets.

After snagging a business degree, I discovered marketing, automotive and public speaking, so now I get to show off my results while affecting change and driving ROI.

In my spare time, you will find me working from my other home in Costa Rica. “Why?” WHY NOT? I feed 3 dogs that belong to my daughter and more than anything, hanging out with my “people” is my happy place. I have an understanding husband who loves my foul mouth, big hair bands and can’t dance, four grown adults that belong to me as well as two comical grand kids.

Beverly Boatright


They call me Beverly. I inherited an “old school name” and my driven, entrepreneur gene from my father (the smartest man I’ve ever known) and the bossiness from my mother (who always acts shocked when she’s called bossy).

Working in PR and marketing for multi-million dollar companies has prepared me to understand how corporate works, but also how the human touch is sometimes overlooked—which is the perfect combination for my skill set in Social Media. I make sure the machine we have created runs the way it’s supposed to and I make sure our talented group of people have the tools they need to do their jobs with excellence. 

We help foster a community within the dealerships and get their vibe out on social. It’s always about the numbers, ROI, and moving cars, but why not have fun, engage with the community, and create a place where people feel welcome and excited when they arrive? We need to understand the flavor and culture of not only the dealership, but also the communities and customers they serve. Working well with other vendors, employees of the dealership, and community is our magic sauce.  We understand that all components to a marketing plan are essential to success and that translates beautifully on Social. 

In my free time, you will NOT find me in front of the karaoke mic, but I will bring my stellar back-up dancer moves and my cheerleader ability to get the crowd going.  

Checking bucket list items off is my other passion. I have been to 6 out of 7 continents, hiked the Inca Trail to Macchu Picchu, taken a boat through the fjords of Denmark and surfed in Costa Rica.  I love setting goals and accomplishing them in life and in business.

Shasta Haddock

Team Lead

Hi! Shasta’s the name and bossin’ is my game. I have been a part of SCP Agency since the stone ages, or so at least it seems. I decided to come on full time back in 2015, transferring from the world of automotive and a full-time position in a local KIA dealership. My duties include creating reports for our clients, overseeing projects for our team, managing events, creating and maintaining Facebook and Instagram ads, and so much more. I am a wife to a soon-to-be Police Officer, and a step-mom to a super sweet 8 year old boy and an ornery 7 year old girl. I also am a fur momma to a 5 year old Maltese that I have had since he was 4 months old. My hobbies include binge watching shows such as Grey’s Anatomy, House, Smallville, The Flash, Desperate Housewives, and more. I cuss a lot and really love coffee.

Jessica Burkhart

Elite Response Team/Follow-Up Master

I am the Epic Sales Events Team Lead!

We run Facebook Sales Events at your dealership.
My team drives an abundance of traffic to your store in less time, and for a fraction of the cost of mailer sales!

From the very first point of contact we provide a fun, exciting, and memorable car buying experience for your customers as well as a huge amount of traffic to your showroom!

I enjoy leading an amazing team of rock stars who drive appointments and make your EPIC Sales Event so amazing you are begging to get back on the schedule. I AM EPIC!

Robin Wilson 12:58 PM (7 hours ago) to me