9 Sites I Like to Use and Why

BLOG1We spend so much time online lately, but where do we spend our time and why? Someone asked me to name 9 websites that I really enjoy visiting and why, so here is my list:

1) Social Media Examiner—This website offers so much information on everything from Facebook to Twitter and more. They also include helpful infographics in every article.

2) Facebook Business Manager—This is such a useful tool when trying to learn what posts are more effective for you than others. The Insights section of this page is the most useful, as it includes engagement numbers, demographics of your fans and so much more!! It also includes suggested pages that you could watch, so when you see their engagement numbers doing well, you can spy on them and see what they are doing right. If you just spend a couple hours every week
going through these reports, you’ll learn A LOT.

3) Post Planner—This site offers such a huge variety of content such as funny and inspirational pics and articles on a wide range of topics. Post Planner also has tutorials on how to use their website. You can follow them on YouTube where they post videos about different social media subjects on a daily basis.

4) HootSuite Academy—This site is another great tool for learning the ins and outs of Social Media.
BLOG45) Lynda.Com—Another amazing site that contains videos on just about anything you want to learn. This isn’t just Social Media based, you’re able to learn coding, graphic art and much more!!

6) Canva—This is an easy graphic design website for those who don’t know how to use the more complicated graphic design programs. Most graphics are free and the rest are only $1. This site is just a grab and drop design program where you can upload your own pics as well.

7) KimGarstblog.creativelive.com—Kim Garst has really good blog articles about all aspects of Social Media.

8) YouTube—On YouTube, you will find videos and tutorials for so many things. It is one of the best sites for video content when you are in need of subjects to post.

9) Google and Bing—These are 2 of the best search engines around when you are looking for content and information to post on your clients Facebook pages. If you don’t find what you’re looking for on one search engine, you are more than likely going to find it on the other search engine.

Lastly—Our Clients Web Pages!!!

You can pull content straight from our clients’ websites and use it to post the information on their Facebook posts. Most of their websites have so much information, that in most cases you can split up the information and make several different posts. Where do you spend your days? Share them below and let me take a look, I may just find my new favoriteBLOG3