7 Daily Habits That Will Help You Manifest the Life of Your Dreams

7 Daily Habits That Will Help You Manifest the Life of Your Dreams


Most of us walk through routine life dissatisfied. But what do we do to change the things we’re dissatisfied with?


If you truly want to manifest the life of your dreams, something must change.


Ask yourself these questions. Did you:


  • Stay up too late last night?
  • Hit the snooze button 3+ times this morning?
  • Grab your phone and scroll aimlessly for 20 minutes?
  • Rush around trying to get out the door on time?
  • Realize you forgot something (or many things)?
  • Feel frazzled all day at work?
  • Forget to set something out for dinner?


If you answered Yes to any of one of the above, read on. When you’re forever in this confused state of mind, you keep reproducing the same results. The cycle never ends.


Daily Habits


To break that cycle, I’m going to share a list of seven daily habits than you can use to manifest your dream life.


But before I share the list, I want you to write down what your dream life looks like. Use as much detail as possible. Use Google if you need visuals or more detail to bring this to life.


Here’s an example of a perfect day in my dream life.

It takes place in Costa Rica, where one day I will own a fishing resort.


I woke up early today as the howler monkeys were playing in the mango tree outside my window. They love barking at each other at 5 a.m. I don’t mind, the sun comes up early anyway. I fed the dogs and went for an early hike. I always find it better to hike around 6 a.m. before the day starts heating up. When I got back, Brian had already made coffee. He sleeps a little later than I do, he always has. He tends to be more nocturnal, while I love to get to bed early, as mornings are my favorite time.


I sat down with my book and read 10 pages while I drank my coffee. After my reading, I went to my notebook and added 5 things to the ever-growing dream list.


Daily Habits


As with every morning, I spent some time going back over my list and visualizing every item in detail. This helps me to bring these dreams to life. After this was complete, I looked at our guest list for the day and what activities we had planned. We have 4 couples here this week and the husbands will be fishing with Brian and Frantz today on the rivers. Beverly and I will take the 4 ladies shopping at the Panama border and for a delightful local lunch. I’ll pick up some fresh fruits and vegetables for dinner to go with the fish they’ll catch today.


I spent about 1 hour online after the guests had breakfast to confirm the reservations for the following week’s guests. I made sure we had enough inventory to allow our guests to purchase souvenirs to take home. Then I hit the shower.


Brian and Frantz and the guys headed to the boat. They packed and loaded their supplies yesterday.


I’m sure the fishing will be great!


We’ll leave for Panama at about 10 a.m. and the cleaning crew will come after we leave and tidy the rooms. The gardener and pool crew will get everything ready for a great evening tonight. I think we’ll swim and have cocktails after dinner and chat about the day.


Tomorrow we’ll do some stand up paddle boarding. It will be a terrific day on the river in the jungle.


I love this life!




This is what my dream life looks like. Determining yours will be instrumental in manifesting exactly what you want.


Once you know what your ideal future looks like,

here are 7 daily habits to help you manifest it:


  1. Early to bed/Early to rise – no snooze alarm/no phone
  2. Exercise – I put my workout clothes first thing and then do at least a 30-minute workout
  3. Read 10 pages of any book that supports your goals
  4. Add at least 5 items to your list of 300 – read the entire list daily
  5. Complete a brain dump! (Read all about it in 5 Simple Steps To Get Stuff Done)
  6. Shower/dress to slay the day
  7. Pack lunch and decide on dinner – I hate having to worry about what I’m going to eat when I am hungry.


If you have children, there will be a few additions to the above points:


  • Decide what clothes the kids will wear tomorrow and set them out
  • Pack backpacks and all items needed for school or daycare the evening before


These small pivots in your daily habits will remove a ton of stress from your morning routine and set you up for success.


Now, I know these tips sound a lot like routine organization, and you’re probably wondering how they will help you manifest the life of your dreams.


The magic sauce is in items 3 and 4.


Daily Habits


The act of writing your goals and dreams on paper and reading them back every day puts them in motion. The law of attraction is a universal law. Whether you believe in the law of attraction or not is irrelevant. You were born to create, and every moment of every day you ARE creating, – whether it’s debt and chaos or a wonderfully well-behaved child.


Fear is a creation of your mind. Joy is a creation in your mind. You’re continually creating. You created the moment you’re in right now. The actions you took in the past brought you to where you are today.


So, while you’re creating, why not take control of your thoughts and desires and begin creating ones that will benefit and fulfill you?


The book A Happy Pocket Full Of Money explains the universal laws in detail and shows you exactly how to manifest the life you desire.


If you’re not intentional with your thoughts and desires and focused and clear about your vision, how will you ever build the life you dream of?


So, set your goals, create new habits, and create, create, create!


Check out the video I made about this topic here: https://youtu.be/_JLSENT0nLA




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