5 Minutes to Organize Your Day

Is this you- (2)Have you ever been driving someplace and all of the things that you need to do, or the calls that you need to make, or the people that you need to see, keep running through your mind?

Why does this happen?

Because we haven’t captured that information and put it in an organizational place or popped it on a to-do list.

I have learned (notice I said LEARNED, not invented), a way to capture as much of this as possible and put some direction to my day and my life.

How does she do this? I know that you want to know!

Well here ya go! Every morning, after I feed the dogs, hopefully I have gotten a workout in and made my cup of coffee, I sit at my dining room table and I brain dump.

What does that mean?

BRAINDUMP SCP (2)I knew that you would ask. It’s easy; I empty my brain of all of the items rattling around in my head. From remembering to get dog food, to calling and scheduling a client call, it all goes on the list, the brain dump. If I need to start the process of finding a new graphic artist and I don’t put it on the list, it never gets done, I forget about it until I am driving around again and thinking about my new clients and who is going to be handling production for them. It all goes in the brain dump.

I write it all down…But then what?

Then I go back through the list and I prioritize them. I number them from highest priority to lowest. And then I do something magical, I rewrite the list in order of importance. I write it neatly so that I can read it easily, and I date it, so if I come across this list, I know when it was created.

Do you want some more magic?

blog imageYes? OK. Then I write beside the items on the list what things I can delegate, and to whom. Then I do that, I delegate the work, and also let them know what my expectations are for completion. Super awesome right? YES IT IS!

What happens next makes the difference. Get your planner out and schedule these activities. Determine how long each task should take and get them in your planner; then work your plan! As you complete the items on your list, mark them off. The feeling of accomplishment will be amazing. I promise!

Lastly, pop your list in a binder to keep for future reference.

Now your day should have some structure, and you should have a clear mind to get this stuff accomplished.
I have listed some tips that I use daily.
• I use grid paper, because I am a sloppy writer; the grid paper helps me to write neatly
• I write with a good pen; it makes me feel differently than just grabbing what is closest
• If I am driving, I use Siri to make me reminders.
• I use a passion planner to schedule my work
I hope this has helped you just a little, I know that of all of the things that I learn on a daily basis, this is one of the most powerful for me!