2016 – The Colossal Do-Over

Every January 1 springs forth with new hope, new goals, new dreams and new ideas for the New Year.

It is like we get a huge “do-over”, like when we were kids and we could call “time-out”, and then resume in a better place. But where do our big ideas come from and why do we feel so powerful to accomplish them at the beginning of a new year?

I have heard it called “cultural procrastination” and this excerpt from an Article that I read sheds some light on the subject:

What is cultural procrastination?

“We always have good intentions that we don’t follow through on. That’s what procrastination is — the gap between intention and action. When you look at New Year’s, by definition, you’re making your intention to start at least days from now, if not weeks or months from now. That gap between intention and action is why I call it culturally prescribed procrastination. Because if you recognize, for example, that you should get more fit, you should change your diet or you should quit smoking, there’s nothing like a good intention now where no action is required to make you feel good. If you recognize these things, then why aren’t you asking yourself the question, ‘What can I do right now to make that change?’ That’s why New Year’s resolutions by definition have an element of procrastination to them.”

Map it outBut when you are in business maybe there are good, financial reasons for the delay, maybe you need to be able to start the next big idea in a new fiscal year or maybe you need to create a new organization to place the next big thing inside of. Whatever the reason for the high hopes to start the next big thing or to implement the “big Idea”, January 1 is here, so now we get to get excited and move forward on the dream, goal, or idea.

Map it out

What does that mean??????

IT MEANS, if you have a goal, what are the steps to get from zero to completion? What are the steps to get from zero to halfway?

So I have a small workshop I do with team members (all year long), we work through a list of 24 things, goals, and dreams. If your pen or pencil was magical and everything you could write would happen, what would you write?

What do you want to Do? Have? Acquire? Learn? Teach? Where is your passion? Then we tune it down to the one core thing that we call a Game Changer.

Game ChangerA Game Changer is the one thing, which if you accomplished this, would make most of the rest of your list fall
in line. Once we determine what is the Game Changer in your goal list, we map out the steps that will need to be taken and by whom, to get this goal accomplished, and then we chunk it down by monthly bites.

After we bring the goal down to monthly bites, we break it down to weekly snacks. This makes the tasks more digestible and not so overwhelming.

We can handle smaller tasks and we actually LOOK FORWARD to them. Why? Because they make us feel like we have had some early and frequent wins.

The thing about any goal, whether it is a diet or de-cluttering your house, is the small wins, you feel as if you have actually accomplished something, and…. YOU HAVE!

So it is in business also, for example, if you are wanting to increase your products for sale from 20 to 50 this year, then we break that down by month and now we know we will need to add 3 new items or products per month.

OK, so what does that look like?

Small BitesWell it looks a lot easier than 30 now doesn’t it?

Seriously, adding 3 items for sale should look like this:

Select the 3 new items to add
Do we manufacture these or buy them?
Do we have a reliable supplier for these items?
How many do we need to order initially?
What supply do we keep in stock?
Have we forecasted sales on these items?
How long is the delivery time for these items?
What price point will these be profitable at?

Many more decisions will need to be made regarding adding these items, but this is just a glimpse into what will be involved way before you actually get these items added.

I hope this helps with being able to move forward with the next BIG Idea in your business, breaking it down to smaller bites will sure help and once you implement the first couple of months of adding items or whatever your goal is, it will become so much easier that I am sure that you will exceed your goal by the end of the year and 2017 will bring about newer, bigger goals.

If you ever need help with your visions or goals, we would be happy to coach you to success, any day, anytime!

Happy 2016

Happy New Year!

Robin ~
Robin Wilson is the owner of Social Climber Pro and SCP Auto. She is a self-proclaimed social media guru and small business cheerleader. She has also been instrumental in teaching auto dealerships how to market through social media to their existing database and shows them how to make sure that they do not become victims of conquest marketing. She is a marketing coach to all and has become a leader in Facebook marketing strategies in the U.S.

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