So ya wanna sell on Snapchat?

snapcode - CopySnapchat is most certainly not a new Social Platform but it sure is a growing one. Many sources are calling Snapchat the “Fastest Growing Social Network in 2016”. Wait, it’s not Facebook…? Or Twitter..? Snapchat??? “

But isn’t that where 16-year-olds send each other dirty pictures? Haha actually, no. According to Carlos Gil in an interview with Social Media Examiner, Snapchat is very transparent in the fact that over 77% of their user base is over the age of 18. Snapachat has been thought of in many ways over the years. Since Snapchat was founded in 2011 it has had some intense changes. As of May 2016 there are now a reported 200 MILLION Monthly Active Users of Snapchat. Do you think that possibly out of those 200 Million people, a few of them may be in the market for your product? More than likely. Now how many video views happen daily on Snapchat? Approximately 10 Billion Daily Video Views. TEN. BILLION.

I truly hope that you’re seeing where I am going with this because I’m about to let you in on a huge secret. Ready? If your brand isn’t on Snapchat you’re missing a huge audience. Let me walk you through something really quickly. My average day goes something like this;

1. Wake Up
2. Check notifications on phone
3. Open Snapchat
4. View all stories that I may have missed overnight or early morning
5. Open Facebook
6. Browse through boring posts while my brain continues to wake up

BLOG2Did you catch that? I’m 21 years old and the first thing that I do when I wake up is to check my Snapchat feed. All of my friends and family are on Snapchat too. In a range of all ages. You people need to get out of your head that Snapchat is just for Millennials. The times have changed!

Now that you know that no matter who your audience may be, they are on Snapchat, we can move on.

A list of bigger brands / well-known people that I follow on Snapchat for tips and tricks are the following:

DJ Khaled – “djkhaled305” – DJ Khaled is a DJ whose main route of marketing is indeed Snapchat. He markets himself with things such as “Major Key” “Bless Up” and telling flowers that he loves them. He ensures that he is memorable and that he keeps the audience coming back for more.

Ellen DeGeneres – “ellen” – Everyone knows this lovely comedian. She often does “Snapchat Takeovers” by allowing the guests of her show for the day to have 10 seconds to do whatever they like.

Arnold Schwarzenegger – “arnoldschnitzel” – Arnold does a lot of world traveling. He always takes advantage of GeoFilters when he is Snapping and is usually seen interacting with fans. Besides, traveling the world through Snapchat is much more enjoyable with that Austrian Accent and you know it.

Ashley Benson – “benzo33” – Ashley is one of the stars of the hit show Pretty Little Liars. She is a very huge role model for teens and twenty somethings so is very popular on Snapchat. I’m actually pretty positive that she was my first celebrity follow. She goes through her days either while filming the show, taking care of her dogs, hanging out with friends, or hitting the gym for an intense workout. I notice that she almost daily is taking advantage of the Snapachat Lenses.

Carlos Gil – “thecarlosgil” – I had the pleasure of meeting Carlos at Social Media Marketing World 2016 in San Diego. While I was working at a Car Dealership last year I had the thought that Snapchat could revolutionize the car business. So when I had the chance to learn more about Snapchat for business at SMMW I took the chance and Carlos happened to be teaching the class. While I have been using Snapchat for about 3 years, I learned a lot from his 45 minute class. I follow Carlos on Snapchat to this day as well as on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn because I believe that he is one of the Social Media “Greats” that I will always be able to learn from.

BLOG4 - CopyChocolate Johnny! – “chocjohnny” – I am very new to following Johnny but oh my gosh do I love his snaps. He is the owner of a Chocolate Store in a smaller section of Sydney, Australia. Quite honestly, he markets himself to his fans more that he markets his chocolate. The day that I added him I sent him a personal chat message and he responded with a video! Chocolate Johnny is a MUST FOLLOW!!

Eva Longoria – “realevalongoria” – Okay so I’m a HUGE fan of Desperate Housewives. So when I saw the chance to follow Eva on Snapchat, I couldn’t do it fast enough. Eva lives a crazy busy life and is more than happy to share it with her fans. One of my favorite things about following her on Snapchat is that she isn’t afraid to post stories when she’s in bed with messy hair and no makeup on because she is still gorgeous.

The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon – “fallontonight” – If you’ve ever watched anything that Jimmy Fallon has done you know that he is outrageously funny and VERY original. They use their Snapchat account to interact with fans and to show who will be on the show each night. Definitely a great account to follow!

Gary Vaynerchuk – “garyvee” – Gary is one of the Social Media Gurus. There is so much to know about him that I simply cannot tell you here. You need to go look him up. But beware, he says how he feels in whatever words he chooses to use. There is always something to learn from Gary and I was happy to get to hear him speak while I was at SMMW.

Taco Bell – “tacobell” – Yeah I know it sounds insane that I would follow Taco Bell on Snapchat. But I can honestly say that they are the only “huge” business that is doing it right on Snapchat. They also have posts daily if not every other day. They promote items on the menu as well as mix up menu ideas. Taco Bell is my #1 favorite Snapchat business follow.

Taylor Ray Holbrook – “taylorrayssnap” – Taylor is an independent country music artist that I’ve been following for about a year now. Like I said, he is an independent artist and he relies solely on the power of Social Media to sell his music. He has been approached by multiple record companies but has turned them all down to continue to produce his own music. His first single, “Tie Me Down” BLEW UP the charts with a lot of help with unpaid, natural, Snapchat Promotion.

BLOG3 - CopyOne thing that I have noticed from being on Snapchat for the time that I have as well as working in the car business where everything is about selling, is that there aren’t many companies that are taking advantage of Snapchat for the purpose of business. If you’re having a hard time figuring out what kind of things you can snap about let me help get the ball rolling.

• Offer discounts: Offering Discounts just for people that screenshot a snap is a great way to get them in the door!
• Showoff new products: Anything new that you get give Snapchat followers an exclusive first look.
• Engage: Allow your customers/followers to engage with you! If they add you, add them back so that they can have conversations with you!
• Behind the Scenes: Show the customers/followers things that they wouldn’t normally see while using your product or at your store, etc.
• Be the First and be competitive: If you begin using snapchat for business, you’ll probably be one of the first in your field to do so. Own it and grab as much audience as you can
• Promote Events: Anything in the community that may be coming up, be sure to make an appearance and put it all on Snapchat. Have people come up to you and win something cool if they find you. Same goes for any events at your store/business

There are more than enough ways to market on Snapchat and I honestly can’t believe that companies aren’t jumping at the chance but you need to!


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