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BLOG1To most people that aren’t involved in Social Media for Business purposes, Facebook is just Social Media. A place to go when you’re bored, a place to see what your friends are doing this Friday night, or maybe just a place to share photos with friends. As recent events have unfolded, it has become a news source. When tragedies occur we turn to Facebook to see what the story is or how people are reacting to it. So myself, as someone in Social Media Management, can use Facebook in so many ways.

I try to keep my needs separate between personal use and business use. I actually have one profile that is only used for business purposes such as maintaining administrator status on the Pages that I manage and searching for Social Media tips and tricks. But the fun question becomes, how do I personally use Facebook?

So, just like anyone else, I have my fair share of newsfeed time. I have around 1,800 Facebook friends, so my newsfeed is always active. Funny memes, heart-wrenching stories, and motivational quotes are among the hundreds of things that I see on a daily basis. But in a world where everyone is on Facebook, what are the things that truly stick out? Is it the paid ads? The viral videos? What is it that keeps us coming back for more?

BLOG3When I began the new chapter of my life into Health and Fitness, Facebook was huge for me. When I started to share my progress with my friends and family and got to hear their positive and encouraging feedback, it pushed me to continue on harder than the day before. From doing so, knowing that I had people checking in on
me and committed to my progress stopped me from ever wanting to quit. Having a support system, whether it be physical or digital, is crucial in situations like that.

Just about everyone is on Facebook nowadays. You know that at any time during the day you could send someone a message on Facebook and they would more than likely respond within a matter of minutes. In that scenario, it doesn’t even matter where they are in the world.

This year, with the upcoming Presidential Election, almost everything on Facebook is political. Someone always has to share their opinion and if you don’t share the same views, then you’re wrong. While Facebook is usually a fun place for marketing, there are a lot of times when things get sour and Facebook can become a very hostile place.

Most of the time businesses aren’t affected by the political mumbo – jumbo of Facebook. When I do business on Facebook I completely avoid my newsfeed. Facebook has a separate area for people that manage pages called Business Manager. That’s the fun place that I get to do all of my work. It gives me super easy access to all of my accounts whether it just be access to the Page and it’s insights or for it’s advertising account where I can view all of my current ads.

So obviously people can always use Facebook for different things like searching photos and videos, checking on an old friend, or even running an online business. Share the fun and think about what your favorite aspect of Facebook is. BLOG4

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